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I sometimes take photos and videos when I attend events.

This is not my personal blog, it is only for Sungmin related things. ^^;

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The Kpop Directory

General Sale (1st Round): October 29th (2pm) through Interpark. (http://ticket.interpark.com) with a 20% early bird discount. An English version of the site is available (http://ticket.interpark.com/global) (sometimes they don’t go on sale here at the same time). For those of you living in Korea it is easier to use the Korean site~ ^^ Tiki users can book at 11am it seems. 

Mmusical VIP (Gold) members: (You need to be a Korean citizen or a foreigner with a Alien Registration Card to join as far as I am aware, but the service is now free!). This is limited to one ticket per person with a 30% discount. October 28th 11am~1pm through Interpark. (More details here)

Schedule for The Three Musketeers 1st Run (13th Dec ~ 31st) (12/13 8pm, 12/18 8pm, 12/20 8pm, 12/25 7pm): Here

Submissions for the 밍샘(Mingsaem) Project are now closed! Thank you to everyone who sent in their letters. ♡ We will keep you updated with the project over the next few days. ^^

A quick reminder that the final deadline for the 밍샘(Mingsaem) project is tomorrow (wednesday) at 6pm (KST).  Please submit your letters before this time! As we have had over 100 submissions we wont be able to accept letters that are sent after this time, please understand! ^^;

If you send in letters, please try to keep them under 200 words. ^^; We’ve received a lot that have gone over the limit, which makes translating them into Korean more time consuming (we also have to write them all out by hand). There are a lot of letters to go through, so please bear this in mind when you submit your letter! ㅠㅠ

Kea will probably announce this soon if she hasn’t already but, we are going to extend the deadline for project submissions to Wednesday (19th June). This only applies to English and Korean letters. Please send them before 6pm (KST). Kea has been working on translating the letters we got in English into Korean also (the English version will also be included). However we can’t guarantee late submissions will be translated due to time, please understand! ^^; 

We’re in Kona now for anyone wanting to hand over their letters today for the Mingsaem project! We’ll be here until 9pm. ^^ We are sat at the table next to the window and the palm tree! 

If you need to contact me outside of tumblr you can contact me via my public twitter @ayuminimi. I will add this twitter to my phone so I can contact you guys and answer questions when I’m not at home. ^^; Because lately I’m rarely in my dorm due to studying for finals ㅠㅠ